Friends of the DCM

Digger, Pinky & David

David Brown Hutchman – a treasured Philadelphia actor known by generations of children and their families for his work at the Please Touch Museum – takes his pals Digger the Dog and Pinky out on the road to perform original education-based shows or make appearances at preschools, kindergartens, libraries, daycares, and museums like ours!

Safe Kids Delaware

Safe Kids Delaware is led by the Division of Public Health/Office of EMS and Preparedness, which provides dedicated and caring staff, operation support and other resources to assist in achieving our common goal: keeping your kids safe. Based on the needs of the community, this coalition implements evidence-based programs, such as car-seat checkups, safety workshops and sports clinics, and more that help parents and caregivers prevent childhood injuries. You can find Safe Kids Delaware materials in the Hallway of Helpers at the DCM, or by clicking HERE.

ARMCO Aquatics

Armco Aquatics designs, installs, and maintains aquariums in the Tri-State area and beyond! Have you seen our museum aquarium? Armco Aquatics takes special care of our rotating variety of colorful fish, starfish, plants and more!

We Kids Rock!

From “This Little Light of Mine” to “Ring of Fire” We Kids Rock makes children’s music that the whole family can enjoy. Check out their classes and music at and see special performances throughout the year at DCM!

Feral Aunties

Be Kind. That is the message from the “Adopted by Love” Feral Aunties of DCM. They started about a year ago, painting and hiding rocks around the Riverfront/Riverwalk-they live in Hedgeville, so they are neighbors! Their goal is to give someone a smile or an encouraging word (maybe when they really need it). Then they decided to see about hiding 50 rocks at the DCM for Halloween (they hid 74!). They had a spooktacular time leaving rocks for the kids and they have adopted the DCM as their most favorite place to hide their pieces of kindness! Be on the lookout – we feel there may be some holiday rocks that are going to be rocking the outside area of DCM in the very near future! Feral Aunties would like to leave you with a wonderful quote by an unknown author – “If you have to choose between being kind and being right, choose being kind and you will always be right.”

RyRy’s Interesting Facts

Meet RyRy’s Interesting Facts, the ultimate destination for curious young minds! Join RyRy on an exhilarating journey through the fascinating world of STEM-related facts. From mind-boggling science to thrilling technology and everything in between. Ry is a Kindergartener in Wilmington, Delaware, and likes to visit the DCM! View RyRy’s channel HERE.