About Us

Where would you go to stretch a kid's imagination?

We’re out to open new worlds for our kids. The worlds of science, math and technology. Worlds of wonders for them to explore. At the Delaware Children’s Museum. Children’s museums light creative sparks that last a lifetime and result in objective and quantifiable learning. They create safe, enriching places where kids and their families can share inspired fun and see new possibilities unfold.

With spectacular exhibits by one of the nation’s foremost museum designers. With something exciting for every age − from toddlers to preteens, and parents to grandparents. With unique space for birthday parties, summer camps and school trips. And the indispensable advice of the country’s leading children’s museums.

Now all we need is you!

Our Mission

The mission of the Delaware Children’s Museum is to Develop Creative Minds powered by STREAM and Playful Learning.

Our Goals

To provide children and their families from diverse backgrounds with a comfortable, accessible, fun and stimulating environment where they enjoy spending time together.

To develop innovative ways to help children learn through play and to complement the learning that takes place at home and at school.

To present content across multiple disciplines in a way that invites exploration, encourages learning and creates connections between visitors and the world.

Helping Kids & Community

Children’s museums are popping up all over the country.

Here are some facts that show how everyone benefits:

  • Children’s museums are the youngest and fastest growing museums in the country and world
  • Children museums serve as “town squares” and build social capital
  • Children museums complement and supplement traditional educational resources
  • Children’s museums contribute to local economies

Community Access Programs

The DCM is proud to offer Community Access Programs (CAPs), generously supported through our Breaking Barriers Campaign. CAPs are designed to make sure that as many families as possible are able to experience the playful learning opportunities that the Museum provides, by eliminating any access barriers that keep children and their families away from the Museum.

Playful Learning

What is Informal Learning?

It’s when children learn through their own exploration and activity, as they follow their personal interests and grasp concepts naturally. Also referred to as “playful learning,” it’s what kids do best.

Who We Are

Jennifer Bush, Executive Director
(302) 654-2340

Adrienne Horsey, Guest Services Manager

Fran Lucey, Treasurer
(302) 425-4890 ext. 113

Taylor Foraker, Birthday Party Supervisor

Meghan Hawkins, STREAM Programming Supervisor
(302) 442-6850

Amber Pulcher, Field Trip & Outreach Manager
(302) 442-6852

Joe Valenti, Marketing Manager
(302) 425-4890 ext. 119

Abby Morrison, Studio D Supervisor

(302) 442-6861

Megan McGlinchey, Director of Operations

Museum Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm