S.T.E.M. Room

S.T.E.M. Room

The DCM is a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) based children’s museum, dedicated to enriching the educational experience of children of all ages, abilities, and learning styles.

The STEM Room is a launching pad for children to experience interesting STEM experiments and activities, all while meeting interesting people involved in Delaware’s vibrant and growing STEM community.

The STEM Room serves as a place to provide high quality, engaging, innovative and ever-changing STEM programming to children of all ages and abilities.

A Few of Our STEM Programs:

  • Try Science Series, where children can “become” a different type of scientist 
  • Junior Engineers Series, full of hands-on experiments to spark interest in engineering
  • ReMake Lab, where children can create things out of recycled materials
  • Aviation Adventures
  • Learning with Stuffee, a human-body themed program with special appearances by our 7 FT tall doll
  • Many more rotating STEM programs each week

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