The DCM Earth Balloon

Unzip the Globe and Walk Right In

Looking for a fun, educational way to teach your students about the world around them? Want your students to be engaged in their learning? Would a 19-foot balloon in your gym draw/keep their attention?

The DCM’s Earth Balloon encourages kids to explore our amazing world, its resources, and people – right in their school gym or auditorium.

This 19-foot inflatable globe serves as a hands-on supplement to classroom learning. Our trained educator will present standards-based lessons that teach geography, map skills, geology, and other social studies topics. All at your own location!

The program starts with a world tour around the outside of the balloon, followed by a discussion of geographic features such as continents and oceans. Participants then unzip the earth and journey inside for a more in-depth exploration of topics specifically tailored for the group.

The Earth Balloon fits up to 30 participants at a time. It is adaptable for kids of any age, with lesson plans for grades pre K–12, as well as special programming for camps and community groups.

There are a variety of DCM Earth Balloon packages available, including full, three quarters, and half day programs, starting at $400. Discounts are available for multiple days booked.

For more information and to book the Earth Balloon, please email or call (302) 442-6857.

“Earth Balloon provides the perfect interactive experience to learn about the world around you!”

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