ECOnnect Exhibit

The city may seem a long way from nature, but is it really? In ECOnnect, kids can roll up their sleeves and discover the workings of nature for themselves, with activities such as a highly interactive stream table that allows kids to explore everything from water locks to wind power.

Stepping inside the Nature Nook, they will discover fascinating wildlife facts, sharpens their birdwatching skills, and dress up for the part at the Wilderness Gear station. 

Training Wheels Exhibit

This transportation-themed area provides lots of opportunities for our youngest visitors to interact. A toddler-sized train and an auto shop with a miniature car help kids practice motor skills and role-play in an immersive environment made just for them. A padded boat encourages safe and comfortable exploration by early walkers. And a private nursing area accommodates moms and their babies.

Structures Exhibit

What exactly does an architect do? Structural engineer? Steel worker? Designer?

Structures is where it all takes shape. Kids learn about the various components and jobs within the building industry as they role play and imagine themselves hard at work. From drawing blue prints to exploring structural stability requirements, and from connecting with blocks and exploring materials, guests walk away with a whole new understanding of what it takes to create buildings across the globe.

Stratosphere Exhibit

Kids of all ages will stretch their limits and learn new skills inside this 30-foot diameter climbing structure. Multiple entrances on the lobby level allow kids to climb to a circular platform that overlooks the lobby entrance, while the upper level is wheelchair accessible — letting kids find fun in ways that go over the heads of their parents and teachers.

S.T.E.M. Exhibit

The DCM is a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) based children’s museum, dedicated to enriching the educational experience of children of all ages, abilities, and learning styles.

The STEM Room is a launching pad for children to experience interesting STEM experiments and activities, all while meeting interesting people involved in Delaware’s vibrant and growing STEM community.

The STEM Room serves as a place to provide high quality, engaging, innovative and ever-changing STEM programming to children of all ages and abilities.

A Few of Our STEM Programs:

  • Try Science Series, where children can “become” a different type of scientist 
  • Junior Engineers Series, full of hands-on experiments to spark interest in engineering.
  • Aviation Adventures
  • Learning with Stuffee, a human-body themed program with special appearances by our 7 FT tall doll
  • Many more rotating STEM programs each week

Farm-To-Table Exhibit

Did you know that Delaware’s state flower is the peach blossom? Step into Peach Blossom Farm, a world of farm-to-table fun where little ones can become young farmers, gardeners, florists, and chefs as they pick peaches, gather eggs, run a produce stand and more!

Studio D Exhibit

Easily visible from the main entrance and lobby, Delaware College Investment Plan Studio D is a space for hands-on creative expression in a variety of artistic media – weaving, printmaking, sculpting, and painting.

Always Changing...

In our large gallery, we highlight our speedway & block party, as well as additional rotating exhibits.

Unzip the Globe and Walk Right In.

Looking for a fun, educational way to teach your students about the world around them? Want your students to be engaged in their learning? Would a 19-foot balloon in your gym draw/keep their attention?

The DCM’s Earth Balloon encourages kids to explore our amazing world, its resources, and people – right in their school gym or auditorium.

This 19-foot inflatable globe serves as a hands-on supplement to classroom learning. Our trained educator will present standards-based lessons that teach geography, map skills, geology, and other social studies topics. All at your own location!

The program starts with a world tour around the outside of the balloon, followed by a discussion of geographic features such as continents and oceans. Participants then unzip the earth and journey inside for a more in-depth exploration of topics specifically tailored for the group.

The Earth Balloon fits up to 30 participants at a time. It is adaptable for kids of any age, with lesson plans for grades pre K–12, as well as special programming for camps and community groups.

There are a variety of DCM Earth Balloon packages available, including full, three quarters, and half day programs, starting at $400. Discounts are available for multiple days booked.

For more information and to book the Earth Balloon, please email fieldtrips@delawarechildrensmuseum.org or call (302) 442-6857.

“Earth Balloon provides the perfect interactive experience to learn about the world around you!”