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Children’s Museums are Popping up all Over the World…And With Good Reason. Children’s Museums:

Children’s museums are the youngest and fastest growing museums in the country and world.

  • The number of children’s museums has more than doubled since 1978.
  • More than 70 Association of Children’s Museum (ACM) members are currently undergoing building or expansion projects.
  • More than 30 million individuals around the world visit children’s museums annually.
  • Child Magazine lists children’s museums as “the hottest spots for learning and fun.”

Children’s museums serve as “town squares” and build social capital.

  • Programs that benefit children motivate community involvement.
  • When children play in a children’s museum, objective and quantifiable learning takes place.
  • Children’s museums are in a unique position to help reverse feelings of stigma and discrimination.
  • 65% of children’s museums are located in urban areas.
  • Children’s museums deliberately and thoughtfully welcome community participation in the museum experience.

Children’s museums complement and supplement traditional educational resources.

  • Children’s museums light a creative spark for discovery and lifelong learning.
  • The Delaware Children’s Museum’s exhibits complement state educational curriculum standards.
  • The Delaware Children’s Museum also offers an educational program at schools throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland: The Earth Balloon.

Children’s museums contribute to local economies.

  • Non-profit arts institutions and museums are a cornerstone of tourism.
  • More than 30% of children’s museums are part of a downtown revitalization project.
  • Many city planners regard children’s museums as an anchor for nearby attractions, restaurants and local businesses.
  • The total economic activity of Association of Children’s Museum members is $449 million.

Facts and statistics from “The Case for Children’s Museums,”
 Association of Children’s Museums, Washington, D.C., 2008.